Our Montessori Programme is a Five-Year Integrated Course. Montessori Curriculum is based on six-integrated areas of development: sensory and perceptual, gross and fine motor skills, self-care and personal development skills, physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills.
  • Play Group

    Age Group: 1.8 Years And Above

    Play Group provides a safe and happy environment for children. Through play, they develop language and communication skills. Reading stories helps in developing their listening skills. Music and rhymes supports their gross motor skills aiding physical development. Knowledge and understanding of things in the environment will give them the confidence to move to the next Montessori level.

  • Montessori Level – I

    Age Group: 2 Years And Above

    The Montessori environment is a child-centered, hands-on approach to learning. It is based on the principle that children are naturally curious and eager to learn. The curriculum offers materials and opportunities for children to explore and experiment with materials in a supportive environment. The Montessori materials and colouring activities enhances their pre-writing skills and creativity.

  • Montessori Level – II

    Age Group: 3 Years And Above

    In the Montessori Environment, children use a variety of Montessori materials to enhance their control and refinement of fine motor skills. Children at this age are starting to learn about alphabet, numbers and counting. Children develop language skills through phonics helping the child to understand a lot of new words.

  • Kindergarten – I

    Age Group: 4 Years And Above

    Since children learn language phonetically, they develop communication and reading skills at a faster pace. The concept oriented syllabus encourages children to understand the world around them, write and read effortlessly. The Montessori Math materials offers children to understand the hierarchy change in the number system.

  • Kindergarten – II

    Age Group: 5 Years And Above

    The children in this level continue to develop in numerical abilities and language skills at a faster pace. The syllabus contained in the text books and Montessori materials helps the children in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The Environmental studies in the curriculum helps them to understand, explore and discover the world in which they live in. This readiness helps the children for formal schooling.

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